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Stabilo System vacuum posture cushion


Stabilo is a system of stabilising cushions and mattresses based on vacuum fixation of the modelled shape.


Thanks to new solutions, we release energy and give new opportunities to people with special needs around the world.


Everyone who works with us recognizes us as trustworthy, because we do perfectly even small things. We take challenges.

Noel was founded in 2000. The meeting of the 3-year-old Kasia’s physiotherapist with her parents resulted in cooperation that the result was the creation of the first static parapodium and a rehabilitation chair made of wood. Over the years, our company has been producing ergonomic, therapeutic equipment that improves the quality of life of children who require special attention and rehabilitation support. In 2006, the first STABILO vacuum pillow is created, which changes the view of many therapists, as well as parents and carers of people with disabilities, to the risk of stabilization. As a Polish company with Polish capital, we are currently creating a whole range of STABILO SYSTEM cushions that we already offer in over 30 countries around the world. We meet, talk, advise so as to be even more open to people with special needs.