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Car seat, orthopaedic seat, swing

Complex orthopaedic seat – a seat that stabilizes the pelvis, torso and head. lt consists of three Stabilo Multiseat cushions fastenedto aluminium frame. lt is perfect as a safe car seat for transporting people with special needs, as a swing for relaxation – e.g. on a playground – and rehabilitation, and as an independent orthopaedic seat that can be easily fastened to armchair or chair.

Aluminium frame strengthens the cushions' stiffness and at the same time provides possibility to adjust the frame to the user's needs. lt increases the comfort of sitting in people with spinał curvatures, body deformations of various etiologies and degenerative changes. lt helps to maintain a correct position while driving in the car, preventing deformation. For people with reduced or lack of head control, it provides a safe head support.

Three separate cushions allow for individual adjustment of hardness to a specific part of the body, thanks to which it is possible to dynamically stabilize selected parts of the body.

Multiseat used as a car seat has been rigorously tested and approved by ECE R44/04.

Modelled upholstery enables support and stabilization of the back and pelvis, even in case of large deformations and asymmetries. An internal strap system, vest and dissuading straps increase the safety of people with severe spastic conditions and large body deformations when sitting. For people with reduced muscle tension, it provides support while sitting, preventing deformations and posture defects.

Thanks to the adjustable headrest, the head and neck of spine can be secured and stabilized. lt is useful even in case of asymmetrical head support.