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Backrest stabilizing the back

The back stabilizing cushion provides comfortable support and relief at the same time. Modifiable shape gives the possibility of individual adjustment of the backrest to the user’s needs, enabling correction of posture defects and thus improving the control of the user’s body.

Thanks to the ability to change shape and thickness in the desired place, according to individual user's needs, the cushion increases the comfort of sitting for people with large spinał deformations, myelomeningocele spina Bifida and body asymmetry.

Anatomical shape of backrest and light weight of the product allows for easy fitting in a wheelchair, rehabilitation seat, on a chair or in a car, providing users with comfort during transport.

lt enables stabilization and control of the body, improving the position while sitting, especially in people with reduced or increased muscle tension.

lt gives the ability to support the back on the entire surface, facilitates posture correction, spinal curvature along its entire length, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and irritations in people who have been in one position for a long time.