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Seat with a wedge to stabilize the head, torso and limbs

The seat-chair with side supports and headrest combining the functions of seat and backrest is an extension of the ConfortablePlus Duo seat. A powerful wedge increases hip stability and provides comfortable support for patients. Enables spinal curvature correction, thus allowing for better posture control. A special abduction wedge reduces adductor contractures by setting the lower limbs in a neutral position.

lt allows for asymmetrical pelvic support. Specially profiled wedge enables to keep legs in the abduction position, increasing comfort and safety when sitting for people with high spasticity, tendency to straighten and cross legs. lt also includes the need for asymmetrical pelvic support.

By forming a ramp at the front of cushion and channels for convenient thigh setting, it provides the ability to create a bucket position. lt can mobilize, especially children, to work harder on maintaining a proper torso position, while increasing stability and safety while sitting, preventing the body from slipping.

Thanks to the side supports and wide headrest it has the possibility of multi-directional, asymmetrical support of torso, reducing the risk of spinal deformations. lt also includes the need for asymmetrical pelvic support.

By supporting the entire back surface and adjusting to their shape, it reduces the risk of pressure ulcers. Enables the user to lie down or semi-lay down. Seat-chair with a wedge stabilizing the head, torso and limbs Confortable Plus Duo Hilo.

This cushion can be a stand-alone seat or a supplement to the backrest and seat in a wheelchair, while at the same time improving the posture stabilization through the correct positioning of pelvis and the user's torso.