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Modelled “bean” seat

The large orthopaedic seat stabilizes the pelvis, torso and head, aswell as it is a special cushion in the shape of pouffe. lt enables thepatient to be placed in a deep sitting or semi-lying position, allowing it to stabilize the whole body.

Thanks to its size and shape, the beanseat adapts to the body or, if necessary, holds the user in the desired position. lt increases the stability and safety of users even with high muscle tensions. lt allows people with muscle atrophy to position their bodies properly and at the same time limits the formation of spinal deformations.

The large support surface makes the user feel comfortable while sitting. For people who are lying on a daily basis, it gives them the opportunity to change their position from lying to semi lying, increasing the scope of their world perception. Beanseat reduce the risk of pressure ulcers forming while sitting.

Easily moulded shape enables you to position the user in the right position during therapy, e.g. while working with a speech therapist, making it easier for the patient to participate in activities. The cushion is also an important element of streng­thening the effects of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation by positioning the user in desired, correct position.

Depending on the degree of hardening, the beanseat can act as a stiff seat or soft pouffe, giving the possibility to place the user in a relaxed or mare active position, depending on their needs and abilities.