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Bath Bagel

Bath Bagel vacuum positioning system is a product designed for chiIdren and adults to help them in their bathing. lt provides excellent support for the head, keeping it above the water surface and preventing immersion. The cushion is comfortable and safe to use, thanks to the use of a special system of straps, then the force of buoyancy acts on the chest, and not directly on the neck and head, relieving the neck muscles and thus ensuring proper stability, relaxation and safety during bathing.

Provides great stabilization of the head during bathing, perfect for people with neurological diseases, with reduced or no head control, allowing free bathing without the risk<br /> of choking.

The vacuum form and specially designed shape combined with the system of fastening straps running under the armpits ensure comfort and safety of use.

lt has a therapeutic function for people with neurogenic diseases of increased or decreased tension or joint diseases, improving the possibility of free movement of limbs and torso in water and allowing to perform exercises. At the same time, it prevents torsional movements in water, ensuring safety during Hydro therapy.

lt can be dried quickly, and its small size and weight allows it to be taken for a rehabilitation period.