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Base Hilo

Seat with pommel wedge to stabilize the pelvis

Base Hilo cushion is a stabilizing seat with a prominent pommel wedge that enables abduction of legs. lt is an upgrade of the Base seat. The cushion stabilizes the user in a sitting position. By placing the lower limbs in a neutral position, the spacing wedge prevents the adductor from contracture.

By forming a roller at the front of cushion and channels for convenient thigh setting, it provides the possibility to create a bucket position. lt can mobilize, especially chi Idren, to work harder on maintaining a proper torso position, while increasing stability and safety while sitting, preventing the body from slipping.

Modelled cushion shape reduces excessive pressure on bone elements during long sitting periods. This reduces the risk of pressure ulcers in people who have been in one position for a long time.

lt allows for asymmetrical support of the pelvis, increasing the comfort of sitting in case of people with hip rotation.

Specially profiled wedge enables to keep legs in abduction position. lt is a perfect solution for people with high muscular tension, it allows to properly position the legs even in case of a strong tendency to cross them.