Velcro Version

  • The term VELCRO refers to the special soft-loop fabric lining on the back of the cushion. This Velcro backing stabilises the patient's body and the cushion, preventing slipping and sliding of the patient and the cushion. Suitable for use in cars, on chairs, on stair-climbers and in wheelchairs.

    The STABILO VELCRO version cushion is restrained with high-quality special Velcro mounting straps, which hook into the soft loop fabric and are wrapped around the backrest or other support and are pressed into place. The special ARMREST set can also be used to provide arm support and rest on wheelchairs. The Velcro system also allows attachment of the HEADREST to any seat. The high quality of the Velcro strips guarantees secure and safe attachment.

    In the standard version, only the back of the cushion is lined with the soft Velcro fabric. Versions where the entire cushion is covered in the soft Velcro fabric are made to order.

  • CONFORTABLE PLUS Velcro or CONFORTABLE PLUS DUO Velcro positioning cushions are designed for:

    • Wheelchairs
    • Armchairs, chairs, deckchairs, and sofas
    • Recumbent, semi-recumbent and sitting positions