• STABILO SHORTS pelvic positioning harness is designed to prevent a child from falling out from the BEANSEAT or reassuming to an incorrect body posture. Particularly useful in case of upward movements of the pelvis (usually in people with spasticity). When the hips move upwards, the SHORTS accomodate for this move and gently position the pelvis in its previous position.

    The SHORTS are made of neoprene coated with pure nylon Jersey material on one side and soft Velcro on the other side. They also have safety plastic buckles and adjusting straps.

    Product features:

    • Correct positioning of pelvis
    • Prevent falling out of seat and sliding down
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Easily adjusted

  A B Product ID
M 40 28 2990730
L 50 35 2990731

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The STABILO SHORTS is an accessory suitable for the BEANSEAT Velcro and the MULTISEAT - it is eqiupped with plastic buckles and adjusting straps.