Avoid Product Alterations

STABILO production technology does not allow any further product modifications to be made. Do not attempt to alter the product on your own. However, custom-made cushions can be made to order. To determine the right size, it is best to fit a standard cushion to determine the right dimensions and place the required order on the order form (e.g., CONFORTABLE PLUS size L, 9 cm higher). It also recommended that you include a rough (freehand) drawing of the required change in dimensions.

The standard dimensions of all our products can be found in the product descriptions in the PRODUCTS and CATALOGUE. A 20% surcharge will be applied to custom-made products.


Cleaning & Care. Suitable detergents

STABILO cushions are made of neoprene coated with nylon fabric Jersey. This makes them waterproof and very easy to clean. STABILO cushions can be cleaned with washing up liquid or typical detergents, non-alcohol based disinfectants. After rinsing, pat dry and leave to dry until ready for use.

STABILO cushions are suitable for washing in a washing machine at 40°C cycle – fabric softener is sufficient, does not require use of washing powder.

For further instructions please see STABILO CLEANING AND WASHING INSTRUCTIONS.

Duration of Required Cushion Hardness (vacuum)

Cushions that are not in use retain their hardness for a couple of months. The cushions in use should keep their hardness for about 2 weeks, which may vary depending on how they are used. Patients with severe spasticity or if frequent variation of pressure points and shape are required, more frequent deflation/inflation may be required. To ensure suitable adjustment of cushion to seat frame, it is recommended that a pump is always at hand.

Effect of Room Temperature on STABILO Hardness/Softness

The shape of STABILO cushions can be adjusted by moving the cushion filling agent around – this allows for the shape and thickness of the cushion to be adjusted as required. Please note that a cushion thickness under 2 cm reduces the cushion rigidity significantly, even if cushion is very deflated using the STABILO pump – in such circumstances, the cushion will not serve its basic stabilising function.
For this reason, a cushion thickness of at least 3 cm is recommended.

Due to air expansion with rising temperatures, STABILO products soften when room temperature increases and harden when room temperature decreases. This fluctuation is minimal but noticeable, for example, when placed in a heated car. If the cushion is too soft, remove some air to harden the cushion and check the hardness at a lower temperature.

How to Deflate Product. Adjustment of Cushion Hardness/ Softness

The right shape and harness/softness can be obtained by adjusting the volume of air in the cushion. The special hand or electric vacuum pump (electric vacuum pump for GRANDE or BEANSEATs) deflates the cushion as required making the cushion harder.

Hand pump
Inserting the hand pump hose into pillow valve the pillow deflates and becomes harder. After shaping the pillow to the desired size and shape, remove the pump and put the cap back on the valve.

For more information, see the “HOW IT WORKS” tab.

How to Select Right Size Product

If cushion is required to line a wheelchair seat, i.e., 40 cm wide, a STABILO cushion with a seat width of 40 cm is required. Thanks to its flexibility, a 35 cm wide support can be used for a 30-38 cm wide wheelchair. However, if a child requires a 40 cm wide wheelchair, the STABILO should be 5 cm larger and deeper.

N.B. To obtain optimal seat height, the seat height will decrease 6 cm if 6cm thick STABILO backrests are used (CONFORTABLE, CONFORTABLE PLUS, CONFORTABLE PLUS DUO models). To select the best fitting cushion, try several Stabilo models and types for size. Dimension C (circumference of the patient’s torso (see table below this link).

The right GRANDE mattress can be easily selected according to the height of the patient.

If there are no STABILO distributors where you live, we can always help you choose the right size via Skype: just click on the CONTACT button.

Special Properties of STABILO Products Preventing Overheating and Excessive Perspiration

The special coating and filling agent of the cushion are excellent insulators, which is why they isolate from both hot and cold air. Perspiration may occur, but no more than in a normal wheelchair.

STABILO Certificates, Authorisations & Allergy Certificates

All the materials used to manufacture STABILO products have hygiene certificates and non-combustibility tests. There are no proven negative effects like skin reactions, even for persons with sensitive skin.

STABILO products meet the requirements of EU Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and Factory Standards ZN-NOEL S 1.2/2008 2nd ed.

STABILO cushion Mounting Instructions for Wheelchairs, Chairs, and Car Safety Seats


In standard wheelchairs, STABILO usually does not require special mounting – if the size of the cushion is selected appropriately, it can be simply placed in the seat. The wheelchair’s sides provide extra support for STABILO products and prevent them from slipping out.

In active wheelchairs and other seats like sofas, armchairs or car seats, STABILO products can be mounted in two different ways:

1) Using Velcro straps attached  to the primary seat or backrest. Attach them to the Velcro strips attached to the STABILO cushion (not part of the standard model). it is best to order a Velcro cushion the entire bottom and back of which is customised and Velcro covered ensuring more secure mounting

2) Using the special mounting strap one side of which is Velcro, which firmly attaches to the Velcro covered cushion. The other side is wrapped and held securely in place around the seat or primary seat (see the VELCRO VERSION for more information)

For persons with disabilities, European law permits the use of selected STABILO models as seats for transporting persons in vehicles. Therefore, the CONFORTABLE PLUS DUO can be used as a car seat. N.B. The passenger using the seat must always wear a seat belt!


STABILO Product Return Rates

The return rate is estimated at 0.2%, which means that only 2 out of 1,000 cushions are returned (as at 06.02.2015). Since the start of production, the product has been continuously developed and optimised to provide ultimate product reliability and durability.

Information about the warranty terms can be found in the “OTHER>WARRANTY” tab.