• STABILO VELCROARMREST is a positioning armrest enabling the good stabilization and correction of the upper limbs.

    It is useful for people with:

    • quadriplegia
    • hemiplegia
    • spasticity
    • hand and wrist contractures


    By using STABILO VELCROARMREST you will:

    • mould and preserve the proper shape which is helpful during upper limbs therapy
    • rehabilitate not only the whole limb, but the wrist or fingers as well
    • support the arm and thereby you will gain a better spine positioning
    • stabilize and lay the forearm in case of hemiplegia
    • get the effect of orthosis thanks to attached special strips

  • Velcro layer at the bottom of velcroarmrest and the special mounting splint will enable you mounting to almost every wheelchair available on the market.

Size Width (A) Length (B) Product ID
M* 25 30 2991261/V
L* 25 45 2991262/V

 *M is equipped with 2 Velcro strips, while L with 3.




  • You can order STABILO SPLINT as a tool for mounting the STABILO VELCROARMREST to wheelchair's side.