membraMED cover

  • The cover enables easy, ongoing maintenance of personal hygiene. Facilitates skin care and improves wellbeing and comfort when in recumbent position. Surface temperature reduction helps decrease the risk of pressure and bedsores. MembraMED material is soft and smooth, has a wrinkles-free surface which prevents chafing and point pressure.

    STABILO GRANDE unique features:

    • Reduces dust exposure
    • Impermeable (to both liquids and microorganisms, incl. allergens)
    • Breatheable (optimal air circulation)
    • Easy-fit
    • Soft, wrinkle-free surface prevents abrasions, chafing, local pressure points and bed sores

    Cover made of innovative, multi-layered active membrane that channels air circulation and reduces liquid filtration around the user's body.

    This product is a medical device that has CE Mark certification.

    Conformity and standards CE-93/42/EEC PN EN ISO9001 EN 1041:1998


  A B ID
S 40 40 -
M 60 50 2990732
L 70 70 2990733

beanseat cover 450px


  A B ID
M 70 160 2990734
M+ 90 200 2990735
L 130 200 2990736

grande cover 450px

  • STABILO GRANDE is ideal for rehabilitation. It can be used in recumbent and semi-recumbent position. See the model BEANSEAT for sitting positions.