How it works

The construction and functioning of the STABILO cushions enables to adjust it to body’s shape and position the padding of the safety car seat. Each element of the padding – the seat, the backrest, the headrest – can be modelled individually. On account on a child’s comfort the cushions should not be hardened too much.

1.    Pull out the tube screwed in the pump’s handle.

2.    Screw the tube in the cushion’s valve and wait until the cushion is sufficiently soft.

3.    Seat a child and adjust the cushion’s shape to a body shape of a child.

4.    Screw the pump in the tube and deflate the air until the desired hardness obtained.

5.    Screw off the tube of the pump and screw the protecting cap in the valve.

6.    To change the shape just screw in the tube only to the valve, wait until the cushion softens, then repeat points 2-5.