• The ELITE is a combination of a positioning seat and comfortable cushion. The positioning part is located at the bottom and the foam layer is placed on top. Both come in a breathable and impermeable bag. It is suitable for people with pelvic deformities or asymmetry of the hips. The cushion can be quickly and easily moulded on demand.


    The features of the ELITE double layer construction:

    • Pelvic stability –positioning one of the hips higher
    • Reshaped to form a wedge for leg abduction
    • Provide comfort for sitting for extended periods
    • Prevents pressure ulcers
    • Ensures proper hygiene


    The STABILO cushion is ultra light and flexible and extremely easy to carry. It is also very easy to clean.

  • ELITE is suitable for:

    • Wheelchairs
    • Armchairs, chairs, and sofas
    • Car seats

  Width Depth Product ID
M 40 40 2991156
M+ 45 45 2991164
L 50 50 2991157

elite 450px

  • For ultimate spine stability and comfort see also the CONFORTABLE model.