• The STABILO BATH BAGEL is perfect for both bathing and swimming as it protects the head from submersion. Extremely user-friendly as the buoyancy acts on the chest, not the neck or head. Facilitates relaxation and comfort while maintaining fully body freedom and security while in water.


    The STABILO BATH BAGEL provides excellent head control and stability while ensuring safe bathing. Prevents body from turning to face the water. With the STABILO cushion, the trunk and limb movements remain free and unrestricted, allowing easy access to different parts of the body, greatly facilitating bathing.


    • Upper and lower limbs are freely immersed while the head and neck are comfortably stabilized
    • Prevents body rotation to face water
    • Allows to maintain whole body in vertical position
    • Facilitates to maintain whole body in horizontal position


    • Lightweight – cushion and straps weigh approx. 1 kg (much less when immersed in water)
    • Easy to dry – merely absorb excess water after use and leave to dry
    • Versatile - suitable for use in a variety of different situations and environments
    • Easy to put on and fasten

  A B C Neck
Product ID  
S 22 33 10 <23 cm 2990755/V
M 32 37 12 23-35 cm 2990754/V  
L 45 60 17 35-42 cm 2990723/V  

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Every BATH BAGEL is equipped with:
- 2 security neoprene straps
- vacuum hand pump