• STABILO accessories and spare parts, which additionally increase product functionality, include:

    BEAN ROLLER - mobile base for BEANSEAT L

    The BEAN ROLLER may serve as carrying equipment from a living room to a kitchen or a bathroom. In rehabilitation or daily care centre, a therapist may need to transport a child from one rehabilitation room to another. Not to mention hospitals, where using a trolley is crucial when transporting patients.

    The base is a solid, lightweight, easy-to-use and attractively designed. It facilitates passage through the majority of doors, which are rarely less than 80 cm wide. The total width of the base is 74 cm and thus there is enough space to use it indoors comfortably.

    The metal construction is made especially for BEANSEAT L in order to prevent any part of the cushion from  flattening. The backrest, lateral supports and the front of the pouf are thus effectively secured.

    See the brochure

    A special metal plate encased in Velcro material used to mount the ARMREST on the wheelchair armrest.

    A portable, external battery for electric pump; no power source required.

    CAR LIGHTER CHARGER - a portable car charger for the electric pump.

    ADDITIONAL NEOPRENE STRAP - every model of STABILO CONFORTABLE PLUS and STABILO CONFORTABLE PLUS DUO is equipped with the stabilising neoprene strap. Suitable for all STABILO cushions. Additional straps can be purchased for better patient stability.

    VELCRO MOUNTING STRAP - suitabe for Velcro-version STABILO cushions. Excellent cushion stabiliser. Made of robust material with a Velcro covering, enables strong and secure fastening of cushion to chairs, wheelchairs and physiotherapy devices, etc. for excellent hold and stability.

    The Velcro fastenings can be adjusted and attached as required to the Velcro layer on cushion, then wrapped around the primary seat or back. The plastic buckle provides additional security.

    TUBE FOR ELECTRIC/HAND PUMP - tubes can be ordered if lost or misplaced.