about us

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” This well-known proverb is a fitting descriptor of why the company, NOEL was founded in 2000. Then, Piotr and Ania, parents of three-year-old Kasia, had their first meeting with her physiotherapist. They were discussing how best to care for their disabled daughter. Piotr, an avid inventor-at-heart, had a head full of ideas for making the perfect rehabilitation equipment for their daughter. With engineering degrees and experience, both parents were more than able to design and construct their first device, a wooden Prone Stander. As Kasia grew, so did her needs for more equipment to help in her daily life. Soon, other parents learnt about this friendly wooden equipment, such as rehabilitation chairs and children’s tables. Today, the many devices designed and created by Kasia’s parents are greatly appreciated, thanks to the warmth of natural wood, thoughtful intelligent design, simple reliable construction, and full compliance with all necessary regulations.

Still developing rapidly, in 2007 the company introduced another innovative product, STABILO cushions. Providing greatly increased comfort, patients eagerly embraced this new product, and did judges at the International Rehabilitation Fairs in Łódź, awarding a Gold Medal in 2009. People with special needs loved subsequent models of STABILO cushions even more, because these address specific and repetitive issues of posture. Today, disabled people across four continents rely on STABILO cushions. Driven by good practice, an engaged workforce and constant customer needs analysis, the company continues providing cutting edge solutions that change people’s lives.