• The stabilizing system of cushions and mattresses that function on the basis of the vacuum preserving of a modelled shape.

STABILO GRANDE COVER – sleep or rest has never been so comfortable!

Take a look at our revolutionary sleep positioning system – STABILO GRANDE COVER.


STABILO THERAPY CUSHIONS – new tools for occupational therapy

We are pleased to inform that STABILO family of cushions has new members! The group of therapy cushions will be helpful during occupational therapy sessions and will serve in various situations! Here you can check new products:





STABILO MULTISEAT – complex seating system

Carrying of a child has never been so simple. You can take your kid to the forest, beach, just for a walk… Moreover, MULTISEAT can serve as a seating chair to use at home, in the car or everywere outdoor. The carrying straps help not only to carry a child by two people, but to create a swing as well!




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